Feedback for The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate is a brilliant filmic take on ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About the Media But Were Afraid To Ask.’ Many films that try to explain do a worthy but dull job. The film covers all the main bases and leaves the viewer with a good overall understanding of how today’s media works and more than a slight sense of ‘but why can’t it work better?‘” – Ivor Gabor, Professor of Journalism, University of Sussex

“Brilliant… so many more people need to see this.” – Deanna Roger, Poet

“Excellent engaging film about journalism, big business and holding power to account.” – Ian Puddick

“Here is a film about the shortcomings of the media based on interviews with critical academics and journalists. It produces a coherent critique, delivered with wit, style and insight.” – James Curran, Professor of Communications, Goldsmiths College

“A strong film, great editing, nice interviews and range of voices… every media student should watch this.” – Susana Giner, Youth Media Agency

“Comprehensive and critical, The Fourth Estate should be compulsory viewing for students and practitioners​ of  journalism.” – Daya Thussu, Professor of International Communication, University of Westminster

The Fourth Estate provides a clear and structured examination of the insidious power of the media. Its overarching control of the economic, political, cultural and social structures it has both on a national and global scale, the perpetuation of a desperately flawed economic system and destruction of any potential social and cultural acceptance.  At it’s most basic it is divide and conquer.” – Marianne Knight

Review of The Fourth Estate