Media and Communication Research

This page includes free to read media and communication research by Dr Lee Salter. Research on journalism, media and news by the director of The Fourth Estate is collected here. You will find a series of academic papers and films, ranging from international reporting, to economics journalism and war and conflict reporting.

Book chapters and journal articles on media and communication research in, journalism studies and communication are free to download below.

Economics, austerity, and money

Professor Michael Chanan and Dr Lee Salter’s award-winning documentary on the Corporation of London was released in 2011. Secret City (UK, 2011), investigated the shadowy City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis.

Following the themes raised in Secret City, Chanan and Salter set about making Money Puzzles (UK, 2016), a research and documentary project looking at the narratives of money that underpinned the political response to the economic crisis that began in 2008:

Radical Media and Social Movements

Democracy & Online News: Indymedia and the Limits of Participatory Media, Scan Journal of Media, Arts, Culture, 2006

The UWE Student Occupation, by Kay and Salter, Social Movement Studies, 2011

Crises, Radical Online Journalism and the State in The Handbook of Global Online Journalism, 2012. You can read the full version here.

Emergent Social Movements in Online Media and States of Crisis: Analyzing the Potential for Resistance and Repression Online in Cyberactivism on the Participatory Web, Edited by Martha McCaughey, 2014. You can read the full version here.

Media Analysis and Ethics

An accompaniment to and explanation of the Documentary film about prison, Injustice published in the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 2020. The piece explains how the documentary was developed around the principles of Third Cinema that Salter had developed with his film making partner Michael Chanan. It explains how, properly done, documentary film have offer adequate mediations outside the mainstream.

With Dr Dave Weltman, Dr Salter undertook analysis of the BBC’s reporting of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela. Researchers at the University of the West of England, UK, have exposed ongoing and systematic bias in the BBC’s news reporting on Venezuela. They analysed ten years of BBC reports on Venezuela from the first election of Hugo Chavez to the presidency, and their findings so far show that the BBC’s reporting falls short of its legal commitment to impartiality, truth and accuracy.

Class, nationalism and news: The BBC’s reporting of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution, by Weltman and Salter in International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 2011

Related journalism is below

Framing Glenn Greenwald: Hegemony and the NSA/GCHQ surveillance scandal in a news interview, International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 2015

Problems of news culture and truth: The BBC’s representation of the invasion of Iraq in Journal of War and Culture Studies, 2013

Public Relations and Journalism Research

Research into the relationship between journalism and public relations, by Dr Lee Salter, revolving around a Habermasian theoretical framework and utilising Alasdair MacIntyre’s notion of practices.

The Goods of Community? The Potential of Journalism as a Social Practice, Philosophy of Management, 2015

Journalism in the Academy, a MacIntyean account of the institutions and practices of journalism education in England, IC-Revista Cientifica de Informacion Y Comunicacion, 2012

The communicative structures of journalism and public relations Journalism 6(1):93–109, 2005

The internet, democracy and technology

Research into the forms of technology, their use and the impact of economy and governance on their development.

List of all publications by Lee Salter on media and communication research is available on Google Scholar Research Gate, and on Academia