A documentary about the British media

Made in 2015 by Lee Salter and Elizabeth Mizon, The Fourth Estate is a documentary about the British media. This zero-budget, Third Cinema film tackles the big questions about news and media in the UK.

“A brilliant film take on ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About the Media but Were Afraid to Ask” – Ivor Gabor, Professor of Journalism, University of Sussex

In fact, The Fourth Estate is the only recent documentary about the British media!

As a documentary about media and journalism it starts with the hacking scandal to look at the economics of news, propaganda and ethics, tabloids and tabloidization and the ways race, gender and class are portrayed in the media.

You can watch the full documentary online for free here.

Wondering why we made a film about the media?

Watch a trailer here, or read our blog for more information.

The Fourth Estate assembles a cast of academics, researchers, former and current journalists, activists and victims of the media to tell the stories they don’t want you to know about: How Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch secured an agreement to seize power, how the First World War led to US dominance in film and media distribution, and what happens to journalists that speak out.

The Fourth Estate is directed by Lee Salter and edited by Elizabeth Mizon
Runtime 80 mins
UK, 2015

The Fourth Estate is a Sambiki Saru production.